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Bluesky Dog Sledding

Bluesky Dog Sledding

Bluesky Dog Sledding Expeditions is back doing at Asessippi! Why not add a Dog Sled ride to your day plan?
Click here to read last years’ article from CBC Manitoba.

Rates for a Bluesky Dog Sled experience are:
Adult: $75 + taxes
Child: $45 + taxes

What will a Bluesky Dog Sled experience include?

  • Meeting the dogs
  • A short cultural teaching in the Bluesky Outfitters tent
  • Metis people’s connection with the land, trapping and fishing by dog team
  • The importance of learning to read and getting an education
  • The importance of finding a position for everyone (and every dog) on the team and their classroom
  • Safety aspects of riding in a sled with a dog team and how to safely approach a dog. (Children supervised at all times when dogs are present)
  • An authentic dog sled ride with a musher and dog team, approx. 2 miles

Gerald Azure, an internationally renowned musher, has operated Bluesky Expeditions in Churchill since 2001. Recognized by thousands of tourists and media from all over the world, he has an inherent gift of celebrating his aboriginal culture and sharing valuable “sled dog philosophy” based on kindness and respect for everyone he crosses paths with, especially his dogs.

“A dogsled ride with Bluesky Expeditions can teach you valuable lessons about life’s challenges, and take you on a step back in time,” said Azure, who together with his partner Jenafor Ollander have been working this summer to map out a trail and build kennels for the dogs at Asessippi.

The 28 sled dogs will arrive at Asessippi in early December. Dogsledding for the public will begin during the Christmas season and continue until early March, when Bluesky will return to Churchill for the spring season.

For more information about Gerald and Jenafor, and their dogs, check out the Bluesky website –www.blueskymush.comMeet 3 of the dogs

To find out more information about when you can book your dog sledding expedition at Asessippi – call 204 564 2000!