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Hours: Closed for the summer season, See you on the slopes December 4th!

Free Season Pass: Grade 1+2

Asessippi Ski Area wants to get kids on the snow and having fun this winter!

All students in Grade 1 and 2, that live in Manitoba or Saskatchewan are eligible for a FREE Season Pass at Asessippi Ski Area & Resort, ski or snowboard only. Students entering Grade 1 or 2 this fall, 2020 are eligible.

You are now able to fill out this form to register your child for the pass. After submitting this form, you will need to come to the ticket counter with your child to collect their pass. Once at the Ticket counter, you will be asked to sign a Waiver and a Rule & Regulations forms. You will also need to present a current report card form your child’s school.

As a ticket counter staff member needs to confirm the grade in school, birth certificates are not accepted.

After signing the forms, our ticket counter staff will take a photo of your child for their pass. They will then print and issue the pass to your child.

Passes will not be mailed out as we need the child to be present for the photo and a parent to sign the forms.

With the Grade 1 and 2 Season Pass, your child will be able to do the Asessippi Aces Program. Weekly lessons to help build confidence and technique, while making great friends on the slopes. Private and group lessons are also available.

Also with the Grade 1 and 2 Season Pass, your child is entitled to 60% off rentals!

Free Season Pass: Grades 1 + 2