A Typical School Trip

When your bus arrives at Asessippi one of our friendly reps will be there awaiting your arrival at the drop zone.  Perfect opportunity for a group photo! Your host will then escort the group into the chalet for a brief welcome and safety presentation.

Your presenter will provide students with direction on how the day will proceed; discuss local rules and review behavior expectations. Lift and/or Tubing Tickets are distributed at this time. This will take about 15 minutes of your time.

From here the group will be escorted to an area on the lower level where students can drop off excess baggage, lock up valuables and get out of their snow boots.

Next stop is equipment! Equipment is pre-set, labelled and laid out alphabetically by individual’s first name and last initial.

Once equipped, students will be met at the back door of rentals and directed to either the learning area or Easy Street to commence the lesson process. BEGINNERS (0-1 time) will have been given a lift ticket with a beginner marking on it which gives them access to the learning area only. Once the student has progressed through the stations; can turn in both directions; stop in control; and has experienced the chair lift, they may be given Squirrel Chair access which services our easy terrain.

Our instructors highly recommend that new comers to alpine sports ski their first visit.

Skiers & boarders that are beyond the beginner level will be directed for further evaluation

Students demonstrating the ability to link turns and stop, but travel slowly and cautiously on easy terrain will be assigned to a NOVICE LESSON. Those that travel with more speed and confidence and can demonstrate rhythm and fluidity on terrain will be assigned to an INTERMEDIATE LESSON. Following these lessons, students may be given Squirrel Chair or all areas access.

UPGRADES are offered daily at 9:30am and 1:00pm. Upgrades are not full lessons. Instructors re-evaluate student’s advancements and provide feedback. Students that can vary turns and adapt to different conditions on any terrain with control, confidence and increased speed will receive an all areas marking.

ADVANCED LESSONS are available daily at 2:00pm. Participants must have an all areas access pass to qualify and must pre-register for advanced lessons with Group Check-In prior to 1:00pm

The Tubing Park is located just adjacent to the Bunny Hill, just a short hike up from the chalet, and is serviced by a 650 foot magic carpet. Once you arrive at the park you will be fitted with a helmet, provided a tube and directed on how to load and unload the carpet. Step on, ride up and pick your lane!

The park has been designed with runs ranging from gentle to more thrilling belly aching laugh as you go fun!

Nourishment is very important when participating in an outdoor winter activity.  The Asessippi Food Voucher Program ensures all enjoy a well-balanced meal at a reasonable price.  Overnight guests may also arrange group dinners at The Russell Inn.

Last runs are posted at the Squirrel Quad as a reminder of when to head in, return equipment and board the bus. *2 & 3 day visitors will be asked to take their helmets and boots to the hotel.*

Let us know how we did!  On receipt of the online school evaluation link, please take a minute to complete and submit it to us. We truly value all feedback you can provide that may enhance the School Program.
You will receive your online evaluation and group photo via email.

Chaperones ski/board FREE based on a 1:10 chaperone to student ratio and tube FREE based on a 1:5 ratio.

Additional registered supervisors pay the same rate as students.

A Gift For Students

Students can save the lift ticket from your school trip and receive HALF OFF A FULL DAY JUNIOR LIFT PASS next time they visit Asessippi!
Offer not valid during X-mas Break (Dec. 23-Jan. 4) or SK Mid-Winter Break (Feb. 20-24); cannot be combined with any other promotions, school or group visits; offer expires April 2, 2023.


HEAD: Thin toque should be worn as it fits comfortably in a helmet as most of the body’s heat is lost through the head.
EYES: Goggles or Sunglasses
FACE: Ski Tube (not a scarf) and Sunscreen to protect exposed skin from windburn.
INNER WEAR: T-shirt; sweatshirt or sweater; long johns or tights; and sweatpants. Layering clothing will help to keep heat closer to the body thus keeping you warmer.
OUTER WEAR: Warm jacket and snow pants, preferably water and wind proof. Jeans are not recommended.
HANDS: Mitts or warm ski gloves made of waterproof material. It is always a good idea to bring an extra pair. Wool is not recommended.
FEET: One pair of warm socks (wool is not recommended) is sufficient inside ski boots. We do however recommend bringing an extra pair just in case.

Using this as a guide will ensure a more positive outdoor winter experience for students.

To promote safety and injury prevention in partnership with the ski/snow industry and to provide the highest possible standards of education, certification and delivery in first aid and rescue services.

It’s all about respect.


LOCKS are highly recommended when bringing your own snowboard. Snowboards should be locked up on the racks available in the courtyard at all times when not in use. Locks are $5.00, refundable on return of the lock at the Ticket Counter. Guests are welcome to bring their own.
A trick to keeping your skis safe … stack on opposite racks making it difficult to match up a set.

HELMETS are included with your ski or snowboard rental packages and are mandatory for all students Grade K – 12 when visiting with their school. Guests are welcome to bring their own industry approved helmet (no hockey or bike helmets please).

WRIST GUARDS are available for rent. Rental fee is $10.00 refundable upon return of the wrist guards to the rental department.

LESSONS are part of the school program (Typical Experience). For Beginners to alpine sports our professional instructors strongly recommend students ski their first visit. NOTE: Snowboarding is not recommended under the age of 8.
The school program and applicable rates apply to students age 6 and up. PRE-SCHOOL is considered age 0 – 5 and does not qualify for the school program.

EQUIPMENT SWITCHING is allowed until 1:00 pm daily or on arrival Day 2. NOTE: If switching from skis to a snowboard and vice versa, there will be an additional rental charge of $10.00 per day as well as a $10.00 instructor fee. Once equipped the student will require an evaluation &/or Lesson by one of our qualified instructors.

WAIVERS are not required by Asessippi Ski Area & Resort. Note: In the event of a visit to the hospital you may be required to present student’s 6 & 9 Digit Manitoba Medical Numbers or Saskatchewan Health Card Number.

COUPONS and other promotional offers will not be accepted as payment under the school program. Only exception is given to Season Pass Holders, lift fees are waived.

BAGS & GEAR are not allowed on the upper level of chalet. There are lockers and cubbies available for storage on the lower level of the chalet. Skis and boards are to be left on the designated racks outside in the courtyard.
Coolers are welcome. On the lower level of the chalet is ‘Cooler Cove’, equipped with microwave, kettle, storage, etc. This is our designated cooler and prep area for guests wishing to bring along their own meals.

We now offer electronic self-serve lockers.
Simple Rental Process at the Kiosk: Insert credit card, debit card or cash into kiosk. You create your own unique pin code to access your locker all day. Proceed to assigned locker to store valuables with unlimited re-entry by going directly to the locker.

All locker rentals expire every day at 11:59pm unless multiple days have been purchased. If items are left in lockers after expired time you will be required to pay another day rental to open them again.
Our staff will be clearing out all expired lockers every Sunday evening.

(*unless multiple days have been purchased)

Regular Locker rate is as follows:
Small $8
Medium $10
Jumbo $12

Asessippi is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

SUNDAY arrivals should plan to be at the Resort by 10:00am to accommodate the lesson process. Snow School is often unavailable Sundays from 1:30pm to 3:30pm due to a development program offered to youth on a weekly basis.

SUNDAY arrivals should plan to be at the Resort by 10:30am to accommodate the lesson process. Snow School is often unavailable Sundays from 2pm to 4pm due to a development program offered to youth on a weekly basis.

CANCELLATION POLICY: – We respect your school division cancellation policy in regards to cold weather and road conditions; we do require a minimum of 48 hours prior to your arrival time. – If we do not receive your cancellation a minimum of 48 hours prior to your arrival time, there is a $500 cancellation fee in effect. This price reflects the time that our team has taken to prepare for your arrival (Rental Equipment set up, Ticket Printing, Labels Created, Snow School scheduled for lessons, Invoice creation, etc.) – If cancelling your trip due to participation, a scheduling conflict, or other, please provide 2 weeks’ notice so that we may offer your space to others.

Cold Weather Policy:– A combined temperature wind-chill of -40 C will result in delay of lift operation. The Bunny Lifts, Tubing Park and Squirrel Quad may open when the combined temperature warms above -40 C. The chalet will be open as advertised; all other openings are at the discretion of Management and final approval of our Outdoor Operations Manager.


  1. Always wear footwear and clothing appropriate for winter weather conditions. No ski boots or rental snowboard boots permitted in the park.
  2. Only issued Tube Park tubes are permitted in the Tubing Park. People bringing their own sliding devices will be asked to remove them from the Park.
  3. You must have sufficient physical ability and knowledge to safely load, ride and unload the Ollie Express snow carpet lift. See instructions
  4. Always observe and obey all posted signs and warnings as well as instructions provided by the Tubing Park attendants.
  5. Only one person per Tube permitted. You must be in a sitting position with arms and legs extended. Maximum persons per group vary based on run conditions.
  6. Always ensure the landing area is cleared before starting downhill. People ahead of you have the right of way and it is your responsibility to ensure the lane and landing area is clear.
  7. Clear landing area as soon as your ride is complete taking your Tube with you.
  8. Keep off closed runs and areas.
  9. Do not stop or linger where you obstruct any passageways or where not visible from above.
  10. Unsafe conduct will result in the removal of your lift ticket without refund.
  11. You must not use lift and will not be permitted to Tube if you are impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol.
  12. School groups with students under the age of 12 must provide 1 adult chaperone for every 5 students tubing. Complimentary passes are provided based on this ratio.


Asessippi Meal Voucher Program – $15.00 each (tax in)

  • Pre-order meal vouchers with your Asessippi contact
  • Vouchers are distributed upon arrival at the Resort
  • Guests then visit the Food Court, select one of the meal options available and redeem the voucher as payment with the cashier.
  • Cheeseburger Combo
  • Hot Dog Combo
  • Daily Lunch Special
  • 6” Individual Pizza & Chips
  • Chicken Finger Combo
  • Soup and Sandwich Combo
  • Breaded Chicken Burger Combo
  • Chilli and a Bun
  • Poutine

Combos include your choice of fries or small caesar salad; small pop, juice or milk & cookie or apple (unless otherwise indicated).  Fries are not an option with the pizza choice.  Combos do not include poutine.

Our Food & Beverage Manager has a well-rounded knowledge of allergies and will gladly accommodate any of your dietary needs. If there is a food allergy present, please be sure to inform us prior to your visit.

Contact & Pre-Planning

Contact your school program manager @ 1-888-564-2001 or 204-564-2000, Email: debbiek@asessippi.com. or kendra@asessippi.com

Required at time of booking; preferred date(s), grades, approximate # of students and chaperones. See School Group Booking Form

Confirm bus availability next. All of the charters indicated have been visitors to the Resort and should be able to confirm availability and cost on call. Request any time restrictions or special arrangements be provided in advance.

Student & Chaperone Worksheets along with a detailed price list will be forwarded to you 6 weeks in advance of your visit to record individual requirements. Each includes instructions on how to complete, why the information is required and a sample ‘how to’ for gathering appropriate information from students.

A questionnaire is sent just a couple of weeks prior to your visit requesting your trip itinerary, any special needs/requests in group and includes last minute reminders to assist you in finalizing your details.

Completion and return of all documents to your Asessippi contact requested at least 10 business days prior to visit.
Timely and accurate remittance of information allows all departments at the Asessippi Ski Area & Resort are fully prepared for your school’s arrival and able to deliver the ultimate in customer service and safety to all! If information is not received prior to your visit, it could result in the revocation of your complimentary passes.

Bus Companies


For more information, please contact:

Debbie Kriewaldt, School Sales
Asessippi Ski Area & Resort
Toll Free:  1.888.564.2001, ext. 101

Kendra Sitko, Sales Manager
Asessippi Ski Area & Resort
Toll Free:  1.888.564.2001, ext. 125