Recommended Clothing

HEAD: Thin toque should be worn as it fits comfortably in a helmet as most of the body’s heat is lost through the head. 
EYES: Goggles or Sunglasses
FACE: Ski Tube (not a scarf) and Sunscreen to protect exposed skin from windburn.
INNER WEAR: T-shirt; sweatshirt or sweater; long johns or tights; and sweatpants. Layering clothing will help to keep heat closer to the body thus keeping you warmer.
OUTER WEAR: Warm jacket and snow pants, preferably water and wind proof. Jeans are not recommended.
HANDS: Mitts or warm ski gloves made of waterproof material. It is always a good idea to bring an extra pair. Wool is not recommended.
FEET: One pair of warm socks (wool is not recommended) is sufficient inside ski boots. We do however recommend bringing an extra pair just in case.

Using this as a guide will ensure a more positive outdoor winter experience for students.

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