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Asessippi Tubing Park Policies & Responsibility Code

  1. Always wear footwear and clothing appropriate for winter weather conditions. No ski boots or rental snowboard boots permitted in the park.
  2. Only issued Tube Park tubes are permitted in the Tubing Park. People bringing their own sliding devices will be asked to remove them from the Park.
  3. You must have sufficient physical ability and knowledge to safely load, ride and unload the Ollie Express snow carpet lift. See instructions
  4. Always observe and obey all posted signs and warnings as well as instructions provided by the Tubing Park attendants.
  5. Only one person per Tube permitted. You must be in a sitting position with arms and legs extended. Maximum persons per group vary based on run conditions.
  6. Always ensure the landing area is cleared before starting downhill. People ahead of you have the right of way and it is your responsibility to ensure the lane and landing area is clear.
  7. Clear landing area as soon as your ride is complete taking your Tube with you.
  8. Keep off closed runs and areas.
  9. Do not stop or linger where you obstruct any passageways or where not visible from above.
  10. Unsafe conduct will result in the removal of your lift ticket without refund.
  11. You must not use lift and will not be permitted to Tube if you are impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol.
  12. School groups with students under the age of 12 must provide 1 adult chaperone for every 5 students tubing. Complimentary passes are provided based on this ratio.
Tubing Park Rules

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