Runs: 26

Hours: Closed for the summer season, See you on the slopes December 4th!

Snow Sample Sundays

Sundays in January, come join our instructors on the Bunny Hill!
We will help you get started with Skiing or Snowboarding!

2020 Dates:
Jan 12,19 & 26

Both Skiing or Snowboarding is Available

Sundays – Includes a full set of rentals (regular $35.00), an Ollie Express pass (regular $29.00),
and helpful instruction* to get you started. (Priceless)

ALL FOR JUST $24.99! 

Instruction from 10:00am to 1:00pm,
You can upgrade to a full lift pass after 1:00 pm, cost $53.00.

Please note: children 5 & under are required to take a private lesson. They are welcome to use the $24.99 rental & lift but must be accompanied by a private lesson or be with a guardian at all times. This is for your child’s safety. 

*This is not a full lesson, only coaching and pointers. Can upgrade to a full lift pass after 1:00pm. Prices do not include tax. Some age restrictions may apply. Instruction for the Sample Sundays is limited.