Runs: 16

Hours: Open Friday- Sunday

Snow Sample Sundays

Sundays in January, come join our instructors on the Bunny Hill!
We will help you get started with Skiing or Snowboarding!

2020 Dates:
Jan 12,19 & 26

Both Skiing or Snowboarding is Available

Sundays – Includes a full set of rentals (regular $35.00), an Ollie Express pass (regular $29.00),
and helpful instruction* to get you started. (Priceless)

ALL FOR JUST $24.99! 

Instruction from 10:00am to 1:00pm,
You can upgrade to a full lift pass after 1:00 pm, cost $53.00.

Please note: children 5 & under are required to take a private lesson. They are welcome to use the $24.99 rental & lift but must be accompanied by a private lesson or be with a guardian at all times. This is for your child’s safety. 

*This is not a full lesson, only coaching and pointers. Can upgrade to a full lift pass after 1:00pm. Prices do not include tax. Some age restrictions may apply. Instruction for the Sample Sundays is limited.