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Sled Dogs Snow Skates

Sled Dogs Snow Skates
Sled Dogs Snow Skates
Sled Dogs Snow Skates

NOW AVAILABLE at Asessippi!

Get the same motion as skating on ice… but at Asessippi with Sled Dogs SnowSkates!

Snowskates are exactly what they sound like – SKATES on SNOW!

  • Same technique and movement as for Hockey, Ice Skating and Inline
  • Internationally competition-tested and proven on snow
  • Recommended by Pro Hockey and Inline coaches
  • Minimal baggage; maximum fun!

Anyone who knows how to use Ice Skates or Inlines already knows how to use snowskates – but even total beginners normally learn in just 1 hour!

Technically speaking, Sled Dogs Snowskates are the world’s first patented snowskates, comprising a comfortable, light boot with an integrated unique base/ski fringed with steel edges which grip the snow. Sled Dogs Snowskates combine the freedom and aggressive movements from inline skating and ice skating, with the adventure and challenge of slalom and snowboarding.
Check out the Rentals page for rental prices.

Check out the tutorial videos below:

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