Asessippi Ski Resort Celebrates Successful 25th Season

March 31, 2024—Asessippi Ski Resort bids farewell to its 25th season with excitement and special moments, highlighted by the thrilling Slush Cup event on Saturday, March 30th. This season, characterized by unpredictable weather patterns and celebratory milestones, has left a lasting mark on both guests and staff, backing the resort’s reputation as a premier destination for winter fun in the prairies.

The 25th season started with anticipation, as mild temperatures in December challenged the resort’s snowmaking capabilities. However, as winter progressed, the Asessippi snowmaking team and Mother Nature worked together to provide Asessippi with ample snow, transforming the entire resort into a scenic winter wonderland.

One of the most eagerly awaited events of the season, the Slush Cup, did not disappoint. The decision to relocate the event to the iconic Jack Rabbit run added excitement, drawing cheers and applause from the large crowd.

The 50 participants dressed in colorful costumes showcased their skills and courage as they attempted to skim the icy waters. Asessippi encouraged participants by awarding them prizes for the most daring skims, creative costumes, and enthusiasm. The event served as a tribute to the unwavering spirit of community and adventure that defines Asessippi Ski Resort.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming support and passion shown by our guests and community throughout our 25th season,” remarked Shannon Johnston, Assistant Manager of Asessippi Ski Resort. “The Slush Cup was a fitting finale to an exceptional season, and we are already looking forward to creating more memories in the seasons to come.”

Asessippi Ski Resort extends a heartfelt thank you to all visitors, staff, and partners who contributed to this season’s success. Looking ahead, preparations for the upcoming 2024-25 season have already begun, promising even more adventures and touching events. While Asessippi Weddings keeps the resort busy during the summer, it anticipates reopening its doors for another winter season in early December 2024.