At Asessippi we partner with great clubs, associations and organizations helping them throughout the season.

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The CSIA is excited to offer you an incredible training opportunity with Pro Days

Complimenting the Certification Pathway, Pro Days offer full day training opportunities for advancement of your skiing and teaching skills based on your certification level, your personal aspirations and where you are in your own journey.  In addition to Pro Days designed for Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Members, you will find additional Pro Days focused on developing skills for Trainers, Intro to Snow Park, Women In Skiing and Learner Considerations.

CSIA Members are encouraged to take part in Pro Days multiple times each season.

Enhance your experience with Pro Days Camps, which combine consecutive Pro Day sessions for an extended training experience, according to your interests and objectives. Find Pro Days Camps in the Events and Search and Register sections of

For more information check out SNOWPRO.COM