Late Night Skiing

The fun continues after dark!

Night Skiing at Asessippi Ski Resort

Skiing the resort under the bright lights is a wonderful experience, especially with snowfall falling from the night sky offering fresh tracks (and no crowds to fight over them!).

Who says the shredding has to stop when the sun goes down?

Not us! After the slopes get dark, there’s a different way to get your ski-on – on the flood-lit runs of Asessippi.  This is the only night skiing you’ll find in the prairies!

Asessippi’s Night Skiing events are 100% family-friendly, a whole lot of fun, and a perfect excuse for a different take on a ski resort experience.  Kids and adults alike enjoy the novelty of skiing and boarding under the starlight sky.

See our Hours of Operation for an up-to-date schedule of night skiing dates.

Operating Dates & Times

Friday, February 16, 2024 – 9:30 am10:00 pm
Friday, March 15, 2024 – 9:30 am – 10:00 pm

Late Night Lift Ticket - $20

Available from 5pm – 10pm!

Late Night Rentals - $20

Available from 5pm – 10pm!

*Late Night Lift Tickets And Rentals will be available for purchase at the rentals counter.*

Things to Know Before You Go

  1. Arrive with plenty of time to spare. Getting your rental equipment dialled up will take at least 15 minutes or longer. Dependent on line lengths.
  2. Dress warmly and appropriately- be aware that the temperature usually drops in the evenings. The best way to stay warm is to wear layers, waterproof pants and a jacket.
  3. Road conditions – be aware of ongoing road conditions, as you may experience slippery roads on the way to and from the resort.
  4. For rental equipment, you must have a completed rental form (digitally or paper).